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B2B digital marketing is going through an exciting revival, as new techniques increase marketing opportunities for these types of businesses. When it comes to B2B marketing, there are three main objectives: to increase awareness, encourage consideration and generate and nurture sales leads into new clients.

In short, B2B digital marketing is all about getting other businesses to understand how your business can fulfil their needs. B2B clients spend more time during the consultation stages, making digital marketing a must for B2Bs. The goal is to generate leads, improve lead quality and increase sales.

Awareness comes from sourcing leads and turning your business into an industry leader, while considerations are the keystone for nurturing relationships with prospects and clients.
There are a variety of digital marketing tools that can be used for B2B marketing, all of which increase awareness, instil consideration and deliver results. Nexa will create and implement the ideal B2B digital marketing strategy for your business.

Working with a B2B Digital Marketing Agency

When developing your marketing strategy, your unique USP and industry value will be communicated with audiences.
To achieve this with optimal results, many B2Bs opt to outsource all or part of their marketing. By enlisting the help of experts, your business can rely on specialists to conceptualise, implement and track marketing strategies on your behalf, all of which drive business growth.
Nexa has a 15-year track record working with some of the largest global B2B focused businesses, providing Lead Generation, Social Media, Digital Marketing Strategy, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and more. Our experience stems from our work with Microsoft, Intel, Sodexo, Bosch, Invisalign, LG and countless other brands.
Understanding the B2B clientele is key, and we pride ourselves in doing just that to create long-lasting relationships on your business’s behalf. With a keen focus on both generating leads, a personal and dedicated approach is implemented. These acquired leads are then nurtured through learning experiences, where leads are presented with relevant and high-value content.

B2B Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

One of the most successful strategies for B2B marketing (and by no means the only strategy) is Account-Based Marketing (ABM), often described as the fastest, most cost-effective way for B2B businesses to generate leads.
Simply put, ABM is a targeted approach to B2B marketing that involves honing in on key accounts, creating hyper-targeted campaigns that deliver a personalised experience to the companies and businesses that matter most.

ABM takes the best parts of traditional outbound sales, which includes the ability to:

ABM also uses the best parts of inbound marketing and marketing automation, such as:

By using ABM as part of your B2B marketing efforts, you can accurately target your audience, which results in more success.
This kind of marketing garners a high return on investment compared to other marketing activities as it better equips the sales and marketing teams through complete alignment – improving capabilities and increasing revenue.
There are many strategies one can implement for a successful B2B digital marketing campaign, from social media and content marketing through to a fully rounded Account-Based Marketing strategy. Nexa will work with you to create a strategy that best suits your goals.

B2B Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

Increasingly, B2B focused businesses are turning to technology and marketing automation tools to drive efficiency into their digital marketing processes.

HubSpot for B2B Digital Marketing

As Diamond-Tiered HubSpot Solutions Partners, Nexa has a clear understanding of how marketing automation, CRMs and advanced sales tools can be implemented for any sizeable organization.
Not only can we work with your business to develop efficient and effective strategies, but our team of over 75 digital marketing specialists can implement these strategies and provide long term, ongoing support to ensure that new opportunities relating to sales and marketing continue to be unearthed fo your business.
We employ HubSpot’s popular Flywheel into our strategies providing a holistic approach to marketing and sales, while understanding the value that customer feedback, by way of Net Promoter Scoring (NPS), adds to overall business growth.
Speak to us today and start your business growth journey.

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